It's time to rest inside a garden.

In a corner of the world, nestled into a hillside of a village, there is a special garden. We're going to take you there. That lady in the silly sun hat and the baggy trousers? No need to worry, she's just the gardener pottering amongst her magic. We can't wait to share her magic with you!

Relax at Blue Bubble Lane
Relax at Blue Bubble Lane

When life is trying, or if you just need a restful heart, grab a rocking chair, look out into the garden and daydream with the honey eater birds and the clouds.

Where the mother birds thrive...

A teeny native mother bird watched carefully last summer as the apple tree was tended... the new home of her three tiny baby chicks. This nest was only about 8 centimetres wide! These apples weren't touched until early winter when the nest was long empty and they were all safely away.

Take a seat...

Let the gentle strength of gardens lull you to a sweet place .